Friday, March 03, 2006

posting today...

I just spent most of the afternoon reading the 80 page log of interrogation of a Guantanamo prisoner. So I have not been following the news and this will probably be the only post through the weekend.

I must say that this interrogation is truly sickening. America. What has happened to my country. How has it come to this.

There will have to be an accounting for this. If not in this life then in the next. I seriously find myself lost for hope after reading this. We are willing to throw away what we love, and strive to stand for... Truth be told, it is not Osama that is responsible for the taking of American values and ideals. It is this sickened administration and their neo con view of the world that has brought us to this pass.

I love my nation. I seriously get chills when I hear the national anthem done well. I believe in the ideals and values that America should stand for. When I see how this administration has perverted us, my soul cries for the return of sanity.

I read a great article in a recent New Yorker about Alberto Mora's fight to have reverse (discredit) the Bush/Gonzales/Yoo doctrine regarding torture, and it that convinced me that, indeed, we have taken leave of our senses. The evidence of torture in places like Guantanamo is so clear that one wonders why the NGO's are bothering to sugarcoat their indictments of it.

Unfortunately I believe that we have really instilled a regime that believes that in order to save the country, we must destroy it.
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