Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cheney relying on proven liar for Iran intel.

Raw Story reports on the use of Manucher Ghorbanifar by the office of Vice President Cheney as an "intelligence asset". Leave it to Cheney to use a discredited, disgraced, and proven untrustworthy Iran-Contra figure with an agenda for intelligence about Iran.

Both the CIA and Congress have determined that Mr. Ghorbanifar can not be trusted. The Congressional report on the Iran Contra affair notes the CIA's determination that "Ghorbanifar... should be regarded as an intelligence fabricator and a nuisance". Yet for some odd reason Mr. Cheney has decided to put Ghorbanifar on the payroll as an intelligence asset. Why?

It is clear that we see the Vice President following the example set by this administration when Chalabi was used to justify the Iraq invasion. Chalabi, like Ghorbanifar was determined prior to the invasion to be largely untrustworthy , but somehow the rosy scenarios he painted of the Iraqi occupation and the cooked up intel from his organization was used to justify the war. It is clear at this point that dissidents of regimes targeted by this administration are used by the neocons despite any and all previous sins committed by the dissident.

In the case of the use of Chalabi for intel, it is now clear that he was wrong with everything he claimed. Let us not fall into that trap again, despite the best efforts of the Vice Presidents office to lead us there.

I immediatly thought of the paid propagandist Chalabi.
Most of these Iranian "Freedom Fighters" are from the moneyed elite who fled with the countries wealth after the Shah fell. I lived in L>A> at the time and it was like a Iranian invasion.
I bet Iran is concerned about the Chalabi model being repeated. Adding to the hype of Bush's reputation would only add to the perception that a forced regime change in Iran is a possibility. Perhaps they'll be more likely to deal.

If only that was what is going on. Unfortunately, it probably isn't just posturing.
Curveball II
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