Thursday, April 20, 2006

Confirmation that down is up, from the Harris campaign.

The A.P. reports on the results of a new poll in the Florida Senatorial race. Here is the part of the story that confirms that Katherine Harris is a dead red died in the wool koolaid drinker, even to the point that down is up...
Nelson was favored by 56 percent of those surveyed, compared to 27 percent who preferred Harris in the poll by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

A similar poll two months ago had Nelson ahead 53 percent to 31 percent.

"It's a tough environment for Republicans now," Harris said Wednesday when asked about the latest numbers. "I'm confident that we'll continue to only go up."
At this rate, if her campaign "continues to only go up" in the polls, another couple of months from now she will have the support of less than 20% of the Florida electorate. Maybe Harris ought to start hoping that things will turn around and she will start going down in the polls.

With mathematical skills like she now demonstrates, it is no wonder that it was largely due to her handling of the Florida vote recount that George Bush was given the electoral votes from that state.

Listen to this ringing endorsement from the Florida Republican Senator:
Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Florida, said Wednesday that the race has failed to jell for the GOP.

"She's obviously behind, the money is behind and it's certainly a concern," Martinez said. "As long as Katherine Harris is the only candidate the best thing we can do is be supportive and be helpful."
As long as Harris is the only candidate in the race? He is virtually BEGGING for another Republican to challenge her! He is actually saying that if she were challenged that they would no longer be supportive and helpful. In fact with back handed endorsements like this you might make the case that they are not being supportive or helpful in any case.

Finally we wind up with a comparison of the campaign war chests with this:
Lately, Harris' Senate campaign has been plagued by staff defections and fund-raising difficulty. While Nelson has $10.3 million in his campaign account, the Harris campaign has $3.7 million.
But I thought Katherine had determined to bankrupt her family in order to give her campaign $10 million in funding. I gather from these figures that Ms. Harris has not reduced her finances to the point that she is standing on the street with a card board sign. And just looking at the numbers at this point, you would have to wonder at the wisdom of her sinking any more funds into this black hole of a campaign. But of course it is now apparent that Katherine actually believes down is up, so maybe she is just nuts enough to spend her inheritance on this boondoggle.

I wonder why the Bush Regime abandoned her?
I guess the Bush team either feels that the Harris campaign is dead in the water or they are concentrating on their own pathetic numbers. If we're lucky Bush is just concentrating on Iran and trade relations with China.

I think it is a mistake not to support Harris. Bush is missing an opportunity here.

Ever notice at work how the lazy and/or incompetent always bad mouth the negatives of others. Even fabricate failures their rivals are responsible for. They do this to make themselves look good by comparison while they're "kissing butt" at the same time. The Bush team should make every effort to put Democrats on the main stream media. Bush should go find Democrats even more stubornly attached to their failures than he is. Parades of Dems crying over Gore and how "we wuz robbed so long ago" and how the evil Bushies stole the election with the Supreme Court. Having Democrats televised lamenting over the failed campaigns of the few politicians that could actually lose to Bush would certainly distract someone like me from Bush's shortcomings. I can almost forget the poor handling of post invasion Iraq, the FISA abuse, the Supreme Court squashing our property rights, the unabashed rewarding of Bush's cronies, inaction in solving our oil problems, and spending our country into obliveon.

That's a lot to forget but, televising rabid Dems foaming over election theft from so long ago....that might do it. Then the public would have to decide which side makes them want to puke more. It would activate the Republican core and distract the independents.

When Harris loses, enjoy blowing raspberries. The public won't begrudge you that. However, if Dems are allowed to publicly worship at the altar of Gore's suffering yet again, Bush's numbers will only improve.
My understanding is Harris is not the Republican candidate yet. Bush is under no obligation to throw her a feather, let alone a bone, before she wins the nomination, which she won't.

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But is it not wonderful how she hangs in there spending...and spending...and spending. Way to go Katherine!
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