Friday, April 14, 2006

The General in charge...

The current state of affairs at the Pentagon reminds me of a story from the Civil War. (warning, dry military history story coming up)

After the battle of Fredericksburg Abraham Lincoln replaced General Ambrose Burnside with General Joe Hooker. This was the latest in a string of defeats, and changes to the union armies leadership.

The Confederate and Union lines were separated by a river, and it was common practice for the pickets of each army to communicate with the other sides pickets. The Confederates were lead by the legendary Robert E Lee, but suffered from a want of supplies and forage for their animals. The running joke across the river between the picket lines was for the Confederates to call out, sarcastically inquiring which General the Union Army was being lead by today. Most times the call back from the Union side was that at least it wasn't General Starvation.

The Pentagon has been lead by Donald Rumsfeld for quite a long while now, but it is clear from the events of the last week that he is having to fend off a revolt from General Dissatisfaction, over his leadership.

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