Monday, April 17, 2006

Hamas statement is not acceptable.

Hamas has attempted to justify the suicide bombing of a bus stop and nearby restaurant which killed 9 people and wounded dozens. They say this was a legitimate tactic in the face of Israeli aggression.

This is not acceptable. As the ruling party of the Palestinian authority, Hamas has done incalculable damage to it's own cause with this response. Hamas must be brought to understand that giving moral support to terrorists who target innocent civilians is not an acceptable behavior on the part of the leader of their people.

It is time for Hamas to grow up and act responsibly.

I know full well that Israeli bombs and missiles have caused plenty of chaos and death. In no way do I believe that these tragedies are justified as well. I guess the difference to me is that you do not see the Israeli government cheering whenever some bomb kills a bunch of innocent Palestinians. I feel certain however that there will be a heavy handed response from the IDF, and the endless cycle of violence continues.

What a mess this is. What it boils down to is Hamas must recognize that Israel is going to be a nation for the foreseeable future, and maybe they should get around to trying to set up a homeland with this truth in mind. If they persist in cheering on suicide bombers, their homeland will be a long long time coming, and will not be seen while they remain in power.

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