Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Saber rattling costs YOU big bucks...

The recent spate of stories regarding the administrations apparent drive to war with Iran has resulted in a sharp increase in gas prices. This in turn will result in even more obscene profits to the already fantastically wealthy oil merchants.

The last several years have seen steady increases in gasoline prices, and at the same time big oils profits soar. All this happening while the Republicans in Washington pass favors to their oil buddies. Now it seems that all that the President has to do in order to increase the price of gas, and the profits of the oil barons, is rattle that saber a bit. The notion that these greedy tycoons are benefiting from the bellicose attitude of the President, at our expense, is really irksome as far as I'm concerned.

Unfortunately this is a win/win for the President. He gets to look tough while the rest of the world worries that he might be crazy or stupid enough to use the nuclear option to stop nuclear proliferation. (What kind of paradoxical thinking is that? That seems Orwellian on a grand scale... we may actually pre-emptively nuke them to stop their nukes.) And his pals in the oil industry are given yet more profits.

So the next time you gas up and wind up paying out the nose, remember to thank President Bush and his saber.

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