Friday, April 28, 2006

This is NOT a headline...

I'm one of the feeds for the Impeach Bush Coalition banner, so I'm hoping the headline on this post speaks for itself. If on the other hand this post is still featured on the IBC headline banner, and you've linked over to read this story, just be aware that the headline is accurate. This post has to do with various happenings in my life.

Specifically there are 3 major events. First I've already alerted people who read this blog that I'm engaged. The date is 06/03. The only reason I mention that again is because this all kind of fits together...

Second: My fiance and I lived in the same complex with 4 other tenants. Everybody was served with eviction notices a couple of weeks ago so the landlord could do some repairs. So you can imagine the consternation this caused with an upcoming wedding,... and then an eviction! So we found another place, and spent all of the last weekend moving. I lived on the 3rd floor and she lived on the 2nd floor of the building we were in. The new apartment is on the 2nd floor. So you can imagine all the pain and heartache with stairs that we encountered during the move. Furthermore Carrie and I had an arrangement whereby if I did all the hauling she would do all the packing and unpacking, so I had a pretty intense stretch of physical exertion. But the move, for the most part on my side of the bargain, has been completed.

Third, and probably most surprising of all considering the first two events: I've quit smoking. Now I wouldn't make that type of announcement if I had quit a couple of days ago. I actually smoked my last ciggy 3 weeks ago last saturday. What brought this on was me sitting at work about a month ago and feeling my heart beat skip all day long. This wasn't painful, but I'm a forty, obese, and was a long time smoker so I was a bit concerned about an irregular heartbeat suddenly just happening. So I went to the emergency room and they diagnosed me with premature atrial contractions or PAC. This normally isn't dangerous, but I recall telling my fiance on the way to the ER that this was it! I'm gonna quit smoking... and by golly it looks like I've gone and done it. If anyone is interested leave a note and I'll tell how I went about it.

So just to recap, I feel like I've had the crap beat out of me, I can't take a smoke break, I'm clueless about current events except what I can glean between calls from work, I'm worried my ticker is going defunct, and there is a wedding that needs a whole bunch of planning... Nothing much happening in my life!

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