Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Time for Jefferson to go...

Raw Story details an ethics complaint filed by CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) against Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA).

I remember seeing Mr. Jefferson on MSNBC at some point soon after the hurricane attempting to justify his use of the National Guard in saving his belongings. To me his logic was singularly unimpressive. He cited security concerns, saying in effect that they were his personal body guard.

The awful conditions in the aftermath of the hurricane did lead to a lawless state of affairs, but it seems obvious to me that the troops Mr. Jefferson took with him could have been put to far better use in helping the rescue/recovery effort. If Mr. Jefferson was so concerned for his safety during this emergency I firmly believe he ought to have waited until the situation was more secure. There is no way that you will ever convince me that Mr. Jeffersons household goods were more important than the need to alleviate the crisis in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane.

It is for this lapse in judgement that I use my pipsqueak voice in the uproar of punditry over the internets, to call upon Mr. Jefferson to resign.

Part of the Housecleaning the Democrats need to do for me to come back into the house.
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