Thursday, April 13, 2006

White House considers DeLay for OMB, conservative blog endorses !

No... seriously. The headline on this post is entirely accurate. Here is the scoop.

U.S. News & World Report (hat tip Raw Story) reports a real shocker:
Incoming White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten is said to be leaning toward selecting an outsider with strong fiscal conservative credentials to take his spot as director of the Office of Management and Budget, according to some insiders.


Sources said that he is considering former and current House members for the post. One associate even suggested that retiring Rep. Tom DeLay was being considered, though the most likely pick would be from a conservative budget association.

I posted about this on Kos in the early morning hours today and one of the responses had a link to this from Powerline :
UPI reports that former Majority Leader Tom DeLay is one of a handful of candidates to replace Josh Bolten as Director of the Office of Management and Budget. If we could get the spending-hawk DeLay of the 1990s rather than the "no more fat to cut" DeLay of more recent years, he'd be a good choice. No one knows more about the budget. And I'd like to see the administration show some support for DeLay.
I absolutely concur with Powerline on this issue. Mr. DeLay should get more support from this White House, and he would be an absolutely fantastic choice for this administrations top budgetary officer. Just to be clear here, I am entirely serious when I say this. I whole heartedly hope that the White House makes this move. In fact I will lend my pipsqueak voice on the internets in order to call upon the White House to hire Tom Delay!

Folks... this really is to good to be true. There is no way the administration will hire an indicted ex politico. I'm sorry to most of my readers who would be thrilled to have the White House hire the very symbol of corrupt, big spending, arrogant, Republican hypocrite that the public is so obviously sick and tired of dealing with.

But then again, hiring DeLay would be so politically stupid, so arrogant, so breath takingly in your face to the reality based crowd... they just might do it! We can only hope.

That would be sweet. Hey I'll vouch for'em.
...strong fiscal conservative credentials to take his spot as director of the Office of Management and Budget

But apparently no other qualifications, other than...well you know...knowing how to launder money.

I'm in.
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