Friday, April 07, 2006

Yer Durn Tootin

Whenever I hear (read, participate in, etc...) discussions regarding the consequences of a possible Democratric takeover of Congress, one of the first issues that I hear the right get breathless over is that Democrats will get subpoena power. This is always said as the Republican talking head has a worried grin on his face and you can almost see them blanche at the prospect. And the way they say it makes it seem that, to them, this possibility is a point in their favor.

Here are some examples: From the Washington Times:
If, however, Democrats do win a Senate majority in November, the consequences for the Bush administration and the judiciary would be profound. Not only would Democrats control the chairmanships of all Senate committees and subcommittees, but they would also wield subpoena power, which their minority-party status has precluded them from exercising since the Iraq war began, during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and following December's revelation of warrantless wiretapping by the National Security Agency.
Here is Tucker Carlson nervously contemplating the possible disaster facing the President with Chris Matthews: :
Matthews: If Congress changes hands in this next year, these numbers spell disaster. You‘re going to have investigation after investigation. Because the subpoena will be in the hands of the Democrats.

CARLSON: It will be a nightmare.
Here is Tom Delay being interviewed by Matthews :
MATTHEWS: What would happen if Henry Waxman got the subpoena power in the Government Reform Committee? What would happen if John Conyers of Michigan got the subpoena power? Would they go after the president?

DELAY: Sure, they would. They've tried the whole time we've been in the majority, just look at what they've been doing.

Henry Waxman is constantly calling for investigations, mostly frivolous investigations to make political points. John Conyers has even called for the impeachment of the president. What do you think he's going to do if he's chairman of the Judiciary Committee?

MATTHEWS: You have an inside view, Congressman, of what they will do. I know their records. I know their philosophies. But you tell me, the man in the news today, do you believe that the Republicans, if they lose the House, will turn over the subpoena power to people who will try to impeach the president?

DELAY: Absolutely. John Conyers not too long ago held a mock meeting of all the left and talked about impeaching the president, and he's called for impeaching the president. Do you think when he gets the gavel as chairman of the Judiciary Committee he wont try to impeach the president? Of course he will.
It is evident from this exchange that the notion that the administration would be investigated, called to testify truthfully, and possibly impeached strikes Mr. Delay (and a lot of other conservatives judging from what they are saying about the issue) as a point to be considered which may sway voters to vote Republican.

Indeed the issue of Democrats with subpoenas ought to be an issue. The issue however hardly can be considered a Republican talking point in their favor. The public clearly is disillusioned by the single party rule of the Republicans and are liable to demonstrate this by voting Democrats into power. One major factor in the publics restlessness is that the Republican controlled Congress has shown no ability to function except largely as an arm of the Bush administration. Perhaps if the Congress would fulfill the constitutional role given them by the constitution and issued a few subpoenas, the prospects of the Republicans in the approaching election would not appear so bleak.

One other positive aspect to consider is that this issue nationalizes the debate. Every district across the nation that has a voting representative has a stake in this. And it is very simple to understand. Whether you live in Florida or Alaska, if you want a check on this administration, vote for a Democrat. If you like the way this President governs and Congress plays along, vote Republican. This is very simple to understand, cuts across geographic boundaries, and with the failure of this Presidency is a great issue for Democrats.

So yer durn tootin there's gonna be investigations, and impeachment hearings, and so on! Shout it from the rooftops Democrats. And if Republicans want to rush to the aid of their 37% favorably rated failure of a President, by all means let them. If aiding and abetting this administration were a positive all the chatter would be about the Democrats losing even more seats, not winning a tidal wave. Democrats should be cheering each and every time some Congressional Republican koolaid drinker defends this administration.

It seems to me the smart thing to do for a Republican, not in a safe district, who wants to survive this election is to start issuing a few subpoenas of their own.

Seems to me that it should be the American people, generally, that should be shouting: INVESTIGATE! In face of so much alleged wrongdoing, wrongdoing that far eclipses what went on in Clinton's administration, Congress should be investigating like a machine, and the American people should be enouraging it.
Every day it is something new. Just when you get focused on one thing like the "selling of ports" some other slimy piece of news surfaces.
Just this morning it is a leaker getting fired for "outing" US run prisons of torture, record gas prices on top of record profits, and Georges bombing practice in Nevada. Please God, vaporize this administration.
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