Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bush's Dukakis tank photo moment

There comes a moment in each failure of a given political movement where a defining scene is provided that gives the public a defining mental image of political failure. A moment in time when a politician "jumps the shark" as it were. One of the most famous in modern history is the Dukakis tank photo op which proved disastrous in his 88 campaign for President.

Today I stumbled across an image that is nearly as silly. So obviously staged, yet completely devoid of meaning, an image of an abject failure pulling out all the stops to get a bit of approval. This image is just goofy. I would love for others to pick up on this photo and use it to laugh at this abomination until the midterms. What is this image of buffoonery? Check it out:

Yep... now we have the President off in a dune buggy to round up some illegal immigrants. I suppose the notion of having him land on an air craft carrier just off the Mexican border was tossed because that had already been used...

He probably always loved those beach movies.
It wasn't the tank, it was the goofy helmet.
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