Tuesday, May 23, 2006

FBI gets it right, angers House leaders

The FBI raid on the Congressional offices of William Jefferson (D La) has sparked an outcry from Congressional leadership.

Republican speaker Dennis Hastert and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi both expressed misgivings about the FBI raid. I say to both of these characters, too freaking bad!

Spare me your separation of powers moan on this one. Separation of powers has been a continual and strident theme on this blog since it's inception. Now that some crook gets his office raided Congress finds cajones to go there? I for one would be far more impressed if Congress got the concept of separation of powers on some other important issues which need attending to like the President arbitrarily making up his own laws with signing statements and so on.

Besides, this is NOT the administration just randomly going after some liberal Congress member in a sudden burst of dictatorial executive mania. There was a warrant to carry out this action so we have two branches of government conducting oversight on an obvious crook in Congress.

I am very disappointed with Pelosi on this. Hastert I would expect because there are a whole lot of members in his caucus who have a very real interest in not having the crud in their offices exposed. But Pelosi and the hill Democrats want to run against a culture of corruption. What better way to show your sincerity on the issue than to give Jefferson a very public excoriation, and then shutting him out of the Democratic caucus. But Pelosi reflexively has to go to the aid of a crook just because he is a Dem. Let Hastert look after the crooks Nancy, and turn away from them lest ye be tainted with the stench of the very effluent you rail against.

Wow... in this post I have defended the Bush administration and slammed around two Democrats. Do not worry my friends. I haven't taken leave of my senses, if you believe I had any in the first place.

I totally agree with you on this.

Another opportunity wasted from the democrats, and another time I agree with Bush. Weird.
Great take on this one. Flavia Colgan took a similar take on the air with Tucker Carlson. It's common sense.
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