Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Defense Dept spokesman is an accidental leaker

Eric Ruff has been appointed as the press secretary for the Department of Defense.

Whenever I see this type of hiring I like to do a basic google search to see what comes up, and I found what must be one of the most embarrassing leaks of sensitive material for a defense spokesman in the history of leakage.

Mr. Ruff was in charge of the papers found on a table at a local Starbucks and turned over to the Center for American Progress. Included in these papers was a hand drawn map of the home of Secretary Rumsfeld! Can you say awkward?

Also included in the papers was the game plan for Secretary Rumsfelds appearance on the Sunday talk circuit in the spring of 2004. Oddly enough, these notes do not implore Rumsfeld to just be honest and forthright with the American people. Rather the notes seem to denote a certain worry about the allegations of Richard Clarke, and lay forth a strategy of obfuscation and deflection when questioned about said allegations. With this proven strategy of press bamboozlement, I'm certain the defense department press corps is thrilled with Mr. Ruffs new duties.

In no way do I believe that being a bit of an oaf should disqualify Mr. Ruff from a career with the Department of Defense. However I'm certain that those in the government who are concerned with things like national security and classified documents and so on will probably breathe a bit easier after a Democrat wins the White House and Mr. Ruff retires from his new position.

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