Thursday, May 04, 2006

N.Y. Republicans eating their own.

Ed Rollins , who is currently working for K.T. McFarland in her quest to be trounced by Hillary Clinton in Novembers election has gone nuclear on his Republican opponent.
Spencer "runs around saying, 'I'm a good Catholic. I'm this, I'm that,'" he said. "A lot of Catholics in this state, that's bigamy, where I come from."

Spencer's affair with his chief of staff while he was married has been well-reported. Before divorcing his first wife and marrying the chief of staff, he and the staffer had two children. They later had a third child.
In case Rollins hasn't noticed, Republicans having affairs is no reason for them to be embarrassed or to even have to step off their elevated moral high horses when morality becomes an issue. Consider the most famous case of an extramarital affair causing political fallout in history. Most of the leadership of the House Republicans who moved forward with the impeachment of Bill Clinton were themselves hardly paragons of familial virtue. Let us again recall the rogues gallery... there was Speaker Bob Livingston , former Speaker Newt Gingrich (rumored to be considering a run at the Presidency in 2008, and not as a Democrat I assure you) House Manager Henry Hyde , lead House Investigator Dan Burton , the 1st House Republican to call for impeachment, Bob Barr , (who besides diddling the help, actually drove his then wife to the clinic and paid for her to get an abortion according to his own testimony under oath, and received a 0% voting record from Naral) and believe you me the list goes on and on and on.

Lest we forget, there is currently a bit of scandal regarding right wing Congressional and maybe even CIA involvement being called Hookergate . It is clear that Ed Rollins is concerned about the involvement of a good many of his Republican colleagues. Rollins sure has been doing a lot of talking about Republican sex scandals lately hasn't he?

So Rollins is going to have to do better than pointing to his opponents extra marital shenanigans in order to make some real hay, politically speaking. It is clear that Spencer will fit in rather nicely with his Republican buddies if he manages to get the nomination, and pulls off the upset of the century vs. Clinton in November.

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