Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Republicans: When in a hole, keep digging.

The Evans Novak Political Report notes that Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman warned his parties members of Congress that they face a "possible catastrophe" in the upcoming election.

Knowing that the American people are fed up and ready to toss the entire Republican machine into the figurative junkyard, the GOP determined to take bold action to stem the bleeding. Did they decide to draw up a time table for withdrawal from Iraq? Maybe they decided to propose public funding of federal elections in order to remove the huge money that has so corrupted our national politics. Or maybe they decided to launch a new initiative that would bring the Palestinian and Israelis together in a final attempt to reach a two state solution to the underlying problem behind most of the international troubles we care about. I'm certain they did something bold and noteworthy in order to change the dynamic! But... I am most certainly wrong. They actually decided to boldly proceed with, (dramatic pause) more of the same!
1) This warning [by Mehlman that Republicans faced catastrophe in the midterm elections] contributed to GOP determination to pass a tax reconciliation bill that will extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts beyond their current expiration dates at the end of the decade.
Seriously. They literally decided to continue the policies that have led to the largest deficits in the nations history. I'm certain this continuation of disastrous governance will be welcomed by voters with an overwhelming groundswell of approval for Republican candidates. Because it should be obvious to anybody who really looks at the issue that what the public really wants from our leaders in Washington right now is more of the freaking same!

We clearly are being led by some of the most idiotic, myopic, dense, and unimaginative leadership in the history of humankind. The only prayer they have of continuing to hold power in Congress after the coming election is to cheat us with their undemocratic diebold voting contraptions.

Spending created the deficits not the tax cuts. Was this a weak effort to change the poll numbers? Absolutely. If they had any guts they'd make the cuts PERMANENT!

Bush was elected partly because he appeared to be a likeable straight shooter above the slime of bureaucraticly correctness. Now we see the cronyism and underqualified Supreme Court nominations, steadfast support for loyal yet corrupt or inefficient underlings. We see editing at Bill signings and FISA abuse of our rights. He goes from President, to King, to "The Decider".

This hole he dug was not made by tax cuts. It was one of the things he did right. This problem of abysmal ratings has little or nothing to do with tax cuts. Its all the rest of it.
this administration is very stupid, and they seem to think that the same old things can still work. The American people are starting to wise up to the fact that there is no reason for our invasion of Iraq and Americans are starting to lose faith in Bush and the Republicans. Even though Republicans are trying to move away from Bush it isn't enough. People are losing faith and hopefully the Democrats will gain a majority in both houses.
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