Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where-in I further ruin Democratic hopes by ranting about Cohen

Richard Cohen posits in the Washington Post that the angry left of the Democratic party are on the path to ruining the chances of the Democrats at the polls.

I would like to remind Cohen of how well the placid, meek, unresponsive and weak Democrats who for so long turned the other cheek in response to insidious attacks from the right, did at the polls.

Let the example of Michael Dukakis (whom I think is great and would have made a fine president) be Cohens answer to this charge. Dukakis when asked in a debate if he would support the death penalty were his wife to be murdered responded with a nice, steady, concise, informative, but robotic answer. When Willie Horton became a cause celeb in that race the Dukakis campaign response was wonky, nice and fact filled in an attempt to establish the good things he had done for the crime rate in Massachusetts and so forth. It wasn't until the last days of the campaign that Dukakis finally started fighting back against this viciousness, and when he did he started gaining ground. But to little to late.

By all that is holy we Democrats have had enough of this crap! When they call us unpatriotic, weak on crime, and not good family people (or in Cohens case regarding Stephen Colbert, not humorous) the right response is to rise in righteous indignation and set the record straight in a forthright manner. Your freaking right I don't appreciate it! And if we get a bit unpleasant over this type of stuff then Mr. Cohen is going to have to deal with it. Not funny? Try lying to get us into a needless war and then guffawing about searching for the missing WMD. HAH! That was a real riot Mr. President!

The next example of Mr. Democratic nice guy is the 2004 campaign of Kerry (whom I think is great and would have made a fine President). Attacked on his war record by the most inveterate, dishonest, craven political hacks imaginable, Kerry chose the high road and ignored those charges for nearly a month. We have a war hero in a time of war dragged through the mud and being nice about it. We seriously, once again, have had enough of this crap!

Let the right know this full well. The day of the nice guy liberal weak knee pushover is history brother.

And please consider this Cohen. The President is at 31% approval right now, not because the far left are being push overs and subservient to our opposition. We are giving it back in angry spades right now and if the success of this tactic is not readily apparent then you seriously need to start paying attention. We are on a roll and we are not being nice about it either. We are changing the political dynamic of this nation with our bad attitude Mr. Cohen, and we will not stop just so you do not have to get any more angry emails. Tell you what Cohen. Write an attack on Michelle Malkin or any of her ilk and then get back in touch with us about the "angry left".

One final point about all this. I don't hear the pontification about how damaging the absolutely vile tactics of the Republicans, a couple such tactics which I mentioned above, hurt their prospects at the polls. If some right wing freakazoid shrilly lying about the record of a war hero is not cause for loss of standing at the polls, then lets not pretend that the left finding some gumption is hurting Democrats. Frankly there is no comparison between the validity of the two sides. Cohen gets upset that someone emails him that he would not know funny if it hit him in the face? That is honestly an example of hate from the left?

Guess what Cohen. You wouldn't know the political dynamic in this nation if it hit you in the face. And hit you in the face it has!

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