Thursday, June 01, 2006

DHS: Doodle Headed Sadsacks...

I have just seen the document (warning: PDF file) put forth by the Department of Homeland Security that shows the matrix to determine Department funding for New York. Did you know that New York has no national monuments or icons?

According to DHS, the Statue of Liberty is not a national monument. The Empire State building is not a national icon. It turns out that King Kong just chose some office building at random to rampage on. Not a national icon or anything like that. Wall Street... not an icon. The very name Wall Street means something more than a street in New York. It is the world wide watchword for the center of the financial universe. But Wall Street is a financial center, NOT an icon. I mean it ought to be obvious to anyone who cares to study the issue that Al Queda would put equal value on hitting Wall Street as they would put on hitting your local bank branch down the street and around the corner. Duh!

Frankly this sort of bone headed finding by DHS is another example of glaring incompetence and wrong headed thinking by the Bush administration. I know you must be amazed that this administration has proven their incompetence yet again... but it's true!

Actually you almost certainly are not amazed, because this type of dunderheaded activity is such a regular phenomena that the amazing thing is when they get it right. What this particular case is an example of is willful ignorance. The funding for rural areas from DHS raises while the cities who are the actual targets see decreases. Obviously there is a political component to these results, and to come up with the formulation to justify their results they have to willfully ignore the truth. The plainly obvious, everyone knows it, don't act stupid, can't you see, are you stupid truth.

Maybe the Bush Administration has an interest in ensuring that any future terrorist attacks will only hit blue states...
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