Monday, June 26, 2006

Double the irony...

Rush Limbaugh has run into trouble over prescription drugs again. He was detained at an airport after authorities discovered a bottle of Viagra that did not have his name on the label. The prescription was made out to two doctors, and the explanation by the Limbaugh folks frankly leaves me scratching my head.

The claim is that Limbaugh had the prescription for Viagra mislabeled in order to protect his privacy. One must wonder though how exactly that is supposed to work if you are currently under probation for abusing prescription pain killers. Would not the midlabeling of prescription drugs in his possession turn into far more than a bit of personal discomfort under the terms of the deal Limbaugh reached with prosecutors over his doctor shopping for pain killers? I mean to have the event trumpeted around the world must really be causing far more embarrassment than a trip to the pharmacy by Rushes maid would have engendered...

Am I the only one here to look at this and wonder what Limbaughs wife might have to say about all this? Oh thats right... Rush Limbaugh isn't married! By definition then, he is engaging in adultery. What are all the ditto heads and Republican administration bootlickers... all the koolaid drinkers and neocon toadies, going to think of their boy now? Is there not a great deal of irony here. The very mouthpiece of right wing intolerance and moral pomposity is now cold busted as an adulterer.

The truth here is that we all knew this was the case anyway. It truly doesn't matter. Rush could be caught on tape french kissing the President, and their fans would merely blame Sony for manufacturing the camera that busted them. The fact is that koolaid drinkers don't care about truth, right or wrong, morality or anything else that may shake their confidence in what they already have determined to be the way things ought to be.

In case you doubt this, just listen to the reaction of the right to the story of Limbaughs latest scrape. Will there be any questions about how appropriate it is for a person with confirmed legal issues with prescription drugs to alter another prescription. Will there be questions about Rush's moral judgment and his example to the rest of America in this regard? Or will there be a cavalcade of excuses and justifications? If you honestly expect the righties to raise (no pun intended I swear!) the pertinent questions this ought to cause, you might be interested in a bridge I have to sell in New York.

You're right, he's a sinner.
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