Monday, June 12, 2006

Ignorance is bliss...

Folks... I just got back from a week of blissful, and I do mean blissful, honeymoon ignorance. To be honest part of what made it so nice was my being able to set aside the daily drive to stay on top of each and every news event.

I've noticed this happens in waves in my life. I'm always a little interested in current events, but at times it becomes a driving force that takes control. It may well be the case that the time off I just took has thrown me into a trough of interest in the news. For that reason I am considering drastically reducing the number of posts on club lefty to about once a week or so. Just enough to keep the blog active for the next time I get the news itch.

Besides, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir these days. The mood of the country has definitely shifted from the days last summer when I started this blog and the Presidents approval hovered at 50%. I suppose if the mood starts shifting righty again I will consider it my patriotic duty to step into the internets with my daily rant.

In the meantime the daily post on this blog will go bye bye, and I will enjoy the first period of life with my new wife without so much concern over the horribleness and pain that is the daily news!

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