Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The simple minded among us...

Did you know that on July 4th of this year that the U.N. is going to institute a diabolical plan to fan out across the nation and take everyones guns away? You didn't know that? Then you must be one of 2 things. Sane, and-or not a disciple of the National Rifles Associations Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

It appears that Lappierre has NRA membership in a tizzy with a supposed plot by the U.N. to take away our guns, and on July 4 of all days! The only problem with this hockum from Lapierre is... well that it is actually just hockum from Lapierre. The fact is that July 4 is a holiday for U.N. employees.

To date the U.N. has received over 100,000 letters in protest of the supposed travesty. Can you imagine what one of these letters look like? I'll guarantee that over half of them have the phrase "you'll get my gun when you pry it from my cold dead fingers" or some variant of that famous line. But it really brings to mind the question... just how stupid is the average member of the NRA?

Over 100,000 letters from dimwits who don't have a clue about the power the U.N. has to enforce it's edicts inside American territory. The U.N. could vote unanimously tomorrow that all people with blonde hair must shave themselves clean every 4th of July. Do you know how much weight that would carry on domestic U.S. law? ZILCH! And any lame brain knows this. Furthermore not even blondes would be dumb enough to believe that such an edict passed through the U.N. would be worthy of a letter. (Sorry for the tired old fall back on blondes and intelligence there.) But somehow LaPierre has managed to convince his sheeple that their guns are going to be swept away in less than a month unless they bombard the U.N. with their stupid little letters.

Just when I was wondering how 100,000 people could be so stupid, I found a clause in the Constitution that could explain the outrage.

Article III Section 2 begins:
"The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases ... arising under this Constitution ... and Treaties made, or which shall be made ..."

The argument could be made that according to this clause, treaties override the Constitution. So if the USA ratifies a UN treaty banning guns, our Supreme Court could rule that the treaty takes precedence over our Constitution.

Not likely to happen, but I'm sure many liberals hope for it.
The problem with that scenario though is that treaties must be ratified by the Senate, and signed by the President. So the question truly does remain... how can 100,000 people be so stupid as you so aptly put it.
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