Monday, August 21, 2006

The George Express comes off the tracks.

The press conference given by President this morning was simply remarkable. I watched the clip that has everyone abuzz... where the President says that as long as he is President we will stay in Iraq, and that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and did not have WMD.

In other words no matter what the "soveriegn government" of Iraq states they want us to do, Bush has determined to continue the occupation of Iraq. That is it, cut and dried. It is clear that he intends to hold on by the skin of his teeth and let the next President handle this mess. Now that is truly a profile in courage!

But all this is actually old news. Nothing new to see here... just move along. Then all of the sudden the President drops THIS bombshell!
I have suggested, however, that resentment and the lack of hope create the breeding grounds for terrorists who are willing to use suiciders to kill to achieve an objective. I have made that case. And one way to defeat that -- you know, defeat resentment, is with hope. And the best way to do hope is through a form of government.
What?! Did the President just actually say that the best way to "do hope" (whatever that really means... for the purposes of this post I'll guess he meant "give" or "instill" etc hope) was to have a good form of government? I'll wager when George said this that a rooster crowed in the Whitehouse garden, symbolizing the denunciation of Jesus Christ (as the great best giver of hope) by his chosen hand on Earth. What about family? Are these really your values George? You derive more hope from the government than your religion or family?

The thin high wailing sound you heard in the background several hours ago were the collective screams of dismay by all true Conservatives. Bush has attacked the core principle of conservatism with that statement. The best way to do hope is through a form of government? George Bush, meet Karl Marx.

Besides which the form of government is not the issue whatsoever. There are many examples throughout history of monarchs ruling with wisdom, and their kingdoms flourishing. Indeed there are examples of hope crushing failures in our own government throughout it's history. How many dreams were crushed during the great upheaval that was our civil war? Talk hope to a Katrina victim stranded on a roof for 4 days. Do you honestly believe that survivor would care a wit that the helicopter that came to their rescue flew the U.S. flag or the flag of another nation that may not hold our democratic values? Most certainly not! How many hopes and dreams were crushed by our governments lackadasical response to that hurricane? You can't hope for much when your floating face down in the Mississippi river!

Hey friend. Came along your site in a roundabout way and saw that you are up for a civil dialogue with people who might not be liberals but then I read your first post and didn't really know where to begin.

"The Iraqi government has no say in when we leave Iraq?" Of course they do, there elected officials haven't asked us to leave.

Lots of obsession of Bush's language. Are you sure you aren't obsessed with the man or have BDS? I don't agree wiht the man but isn't is childish to waste time writing about such trivial things as the use of "as"?

Bush is a Marxist?
Doesn't care about Katrian victims?

I see a lot of emotion and hatred but little, if any, serious room for a debate or conversation.
Hmmm... let me respond point by point to Mark. 1: ""The Iraqi government has no say in when we leave Iraq?" Of course they do, there elected officials haven't asked us to leave." By definition... if the President states that we remain in Iraq as long as he is President, then there is no say so by the Iraqi government as to when we leave. It is crystal clear that we are there for the duration of Bush's presidency. Period.

I'm afraid I don't quite get the BDS thing but last I checked I have a clean bill of health... And in that same line... where do I get hung up on the Presidents use of the word "as" in my post?

I don't say that Bush is a Marxist. I compare Bush's suddenly utopian view of government (the best way to do hope? I mean seriously) to Marx's view. Not that Bush would approve of Marx's form of government... For example if I were to say that NASCAR drivers and truck drivers both make a living on the road, I'm not saying that truckers habitually speed.

Katrina: This in context of the Presidents "do hope" statement. You don't think that the governments role in the disaster as it unfolded live on television now makes the government does hope statement by Bush just appear silly? Honestly? Watching America literally lose a city as the President strummed a guitar in San Diego inspires hope? Just think about that for a moment and try not to give a knee jerk pro Bush answer. Government is the best way to give hope... From this administration that is indeed a cruel joke.
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