Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gonzalez promotes 'rule of law' in Iraq

So I'm bopping about the internets looking for stuff to post about when I come across this head scratcher. The A.P. report is headlined "Bodies With Torture Marks Found in Iraq". The site where I saw this has a blurb on the front page that repeats the 1st part of the report. The front page blurb ends thusly: "Attorney General Alberto..."

Since I'm a little bit cognizant of the workings of our government, my natural inclination was to wonder what in the world our A.G. had to do with happenings in Iraq. So I click the link to read the rest of the story and here's the scoop.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales met with Iraq's deputy prime minister in Baghdad in a visit he said was to promote "the rule of law."
The story then delves into the absolute bloody chaos that Iraq has experienced the last couple of days with tortured murder victims being dumped around schools and battles between militias and the government... The trainwreck that is Iraq just goes on and on.

I'm quite certain though that America's top law enforcement officer has solutions that will work. Let us consider some of Alberto's pontifications!
After meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh, Gonzales, an architect of America's heavily criticized prisoner of war policy, told reporters that his visit was meant to help "promote the rule of law and also help promote security in this great country."

"There are great ambitions for this country. Those ambitions cannot be realized without security, and that will be very, very important."

He reiterated the "commitment of the United States government in helping you achieve your dreams for this country."
Thank you for the platitudes and happy talk Mr. Gonzalez, you may now fly back to America to watch the seeds of peace and justice you planted be piled in a naked pyramid with wires attached to their private parts and then machine gunned while being bombed... Could there possibly be a more nonsensical photo-op/soundbite ever in world history? I mean lets send the head of the Environmental Protection Agency over next to hold forth on the need to clean up all the sand!

Well thank goodness that Alberto is on the job anyway. On the job of securing peace and stability in Iraq that is. Next week, when the smoke and blood have cleared and this chaos is just a bad but fading memory, we will thank our lucky stars that Alberto went over and straightened out that situation.

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