Monday, August 28, 2006

Katrina blogswarm... my take.

Blue Gal was kind enough to clue me in on a bit of a project by Shakespeare's sister: Blogswarming Katrina, one year later.

My impression of this event is how hollow the talking point rings to me when I hear an administration stoolie proclaim "it's not luck that we haven't been hit since 9/11". They always do this in the context of the global war on terror, in furthering their pursuit of convincing us that we ought not be protective of various civil liberties.

When you consider the implications of that statement in reality however you realize... we've actually been smacked quite hard. Who or what it is that destroys an entire American city really has very little bearing once the rescue effort and the television crews hit the scene. It is in the response to the crisis that the truly abysmal failure of this administration stands as a glaring example for any who care to bear witness. The image of Bush's deer in the headlight expression as he reads My Pet Goat to the children after being informed of the 9/11 calamity was simply replaced with the image of Bush strumming a guitar and eating cake with John McCain as the storm raged. A more Neronesque/Marie Antoinetish moment in American Presidential history could not have been possibly stage managed. But it all was too regrettably true.

Looking at this from the perspective of those who would mitigate future calamities, we must again bear witness to the slothfullness and absolute incompetence of this administration. Cracking down on the civil liberties of the citizenry in order to stop possible terrorism ought to be a difficult proposition compared to the steps needed to combat the conditions that made Katrina so horrible. Yet time and again, starting with the Kyoto treaty and persisting through present times, this administration has attempted to debunk the widely accepted science that gives us cause for alarm with global warming. Bush ran in 2000 promising to reduce greenhouse gasses, but promptly ended any doubt that he was in the pocket of big oil. So we may not have had another 9/11 type terrorist act on American soil, but this administration has done nothing whatsoever to mitigate the next Katrina. If anything, their policies have lead us to the point that Katrina type disasters will become commonplace.

All the staged managed appearances and soundbites ever dreamed up in the warped mind of Karl Rove can not change what we witnessed as a nation. We saw an entire American city lost to wind and flood. We saw it's citizenry abandoned for days, forced to live in squalor and lawlessness in a slow motion disaster. Our nation watched as the President vacationed and played and then when the true extent of the disaster was finally forced onto his consciousness we watched him lie and flounder about for good publicity. What a disgrace.

Heckuva a job Bushy... Heckuva job.

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