Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pa Supremes re Nader: Fraudulent, dishonest

First of all let me give fair warning about my take on Ralph Nader. I once considered him a great champion of ideas that were important to me. He ruined my impression of him with his run for the Presidency in 2000. He actually more than ruined my formerly positive impression, he utterly destroyed it. I now think of Ralph Nader as one of the greatest buffoons, usefull idiots, and outright boneheads in American political history. Spare me the "Gore lost the election on his own" crap you Nadiots. Do the math.

Now the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that Ralph Nader and his running mate must pay over $80,000 in expenses incurred by a group of voters that filed a lawsuit to keep Nader off the ballot in Pennsylvania in 2004. This opinion makes clear that the campaign to add Nader was fraudulent, and the court further makes clear that the entire court proceeding is little more than the Nadiots yanking the court systems chain. Just take a look at what these judges have to say :
The Commonwealth Court opinion described the Nader-Camejo petitions as "the most deceitful and fraudulent exercise ever perpetrated upon this court."

Signatures were filed for "Mickey Mouse" and "Fred Flintstone," and thousands of names were created at random, the lower court found.

"Given the magnitude of the fraud and deception implicated in (their) signature-gathering efforts, their claim that the Commonwealth Court acted in an unjust and unconstitutional fashion by assessing transcription and stenography costs does not pass the straight-face test," Justice Sandra Schultz Newman wrote for the majority.

It's bad enough that after the 2000 debacle Nader tried to sabotage Kerry in the 2004 election. Now he's getting slapped around by the courts for dishonestly trying to game the ballots. Nader claims to be the great champion for changing the basic structure of the American two party system, but he wants to do it by methods that would bring into question the fundamental underpinnings of any democracy: the validity of the voters will as expressed in their approval or lack thereof of the issue he champions.

It is long past time for Nader to cut his losses and retire in disgrace. He has already done enough damage to this nation with his bull headed refusal to not play the Republican tool. And what a great tool he's been for them...

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