Thursday, August 24, 2006

This can not stand.

I must stand up with my little pip squeak blogger persona and let the Alabama Democratic party know that they are flat out wrong. Stupidly, ignorantly, pathetically wrong.

The Alabama Democratic party leadership have seen fit to invoke a rule that no other candidate has followed since 1988 to disqualify the winner of the primary race for a seat in the Alabama legislature. The primary winner was an openly lesbian white woman. Evidently the Alabama Democratic party leadership do not think that primary election results actually mean anything. Quite simply this is patently un-American, and these Democratic leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

The gender, race, and sexual orientation of this candidate were full well understood by the voters when they decided to choose her to represent them in an uncontested race for the legislature in the November election. For party leaders to now invoke a rule that no other candidate has been expected to follow is positively odious!

How sad is it that in a state so renowned for bigotry and repression that the very party in large part responsible for lifting the apartheid now finds itself resorting to the same type of tactics. This smacks of the same sort of justifications used in the glory days of Jim Crow. We don't think you should vote so you must pay this tax, and also pass this test to demonstrate you are literate and informed. This is special treatment for you (and those who look like you) alone however... we'll let everybody else vote without the undue burden we're giving you.

All I have to say to the Dem leadership in Alabama is this: Get a clue about small d democracy or take your Jim Crow loving bigoted selves and get out of my party! SHAME!

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