Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ABC gets something right...

I know this is lets blast ABC month with my fellow bloggers on the left, (and they richly deserve it all) but I need to point out a story ABC is running on their webbie which corrects a bit of propaganda that's been floating about for the last month or so.

The headline reads What Dropoff? August Death Total in Baghdad Morgue Triples . The story details how the Baghdad morgue has just revised it's total death count for the month of August upwards by triple the previous reports!

Anyone who follows the news at all knows that the administration backdoor drafted thousands of formerly inactive reserve troops and moved thousands more from other parts of Iraq to Baghdad in order to participate in Operation Together Forward. This operation was a collaboration between the Americans and Iraqi security forces to establish secure zones in neighborhoods and then expand those zones. As proof that the plan was working, anyone following the news was regaled with evidence of the operations effectiveness as shown by the lesser amount of deaths reported by the morgue. Now we learn that the true numbers are roughly equal to the numbers before the operation.

I wonder exactly how it is that so many dead bodies were never reported in the 1st place. How many people do you suppose were convinced that Baghdad was becoming a massive Greenzone of safety because the proof was in the numbers. Numbers that upon further reflection show what a trainwreck the Iraqi quagmire has become.

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