Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Army sells out our troops, literally

The crowd that continuously trumpets their support of the troops is bringing us more of the same ol same ol. Remember the lack of body armor and up-armored Humvees? Now we have the Army stopping deployment of a very effective anti-RPG system.

The Israelis have developed a system that recognizes when an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) is fired and launches a counter strike that is highly effective at stopping the projectile before it reaches it's target. In testing the system performs nearly flawlessly. The Army planned to deploy the system on a couple of vehicles being sent to Iraq but that plan has been stopped. The reason this system will not be deployed is because one of the Armies largest contractors is developing a system that will compete with the Israeli system.

The product currently being offered for deployment is remarkably proficient in testing. Out of 30 tests it destroyed the RPG 30 times. The one test that had less than perfect results was due to the counter battery striking the RPG in the tail. By all standards this system is highly effective at killing one of the greatest threats to life and limb of our soldiers deployed in Iraq.

Sounds like a great idea on the surface. The trouble starts when the Army declined to deploy the Israeli system, and the reason should be absolutely shocking for anyone who cares about the health and well being of our service members. Raytheon has been awarded a massive contract to develop an anti RPG system. To deploy the already tested system is to place the still to be developed Raytheon contract in jeopardy.

The Raytheon system won't even be ready for testing until 2011 at the earliest. I guess our soldiers will just have to cross their fingers and trust the enemy doesn't target their vehicle for the next 3 years. Or even better would be for the citizenry to elect a veto proof majority of Dems to Congress and have us vote some sanity into Washington.

When oh when will this nation be freed from this greedy, uncaring, deadly, incompetent group of thugs currently in power?

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