Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Baldies blogity boo

Following are my quick hit off the cuff takes on several major news stories of the day.

Issue one: A recent poll shows that a strong majority of Iraqi's want American forces to leave immediately. My take? According to Vice President Cheney these Iraqi respondents are "morally confused". If they weren't all turst sympathizers they would be for us! Why can't we just pile them all into a naked pyramid til their moral confusion is conquered and they beg us to stay.

Issue two: The House has passed it's version of the suspected terrorist detainee bill and the conventional wisdom has it passing easily in the Senate as well. My take? SHAME! Any government official who has sworn an oath to protect our constitution is honor bound to do just that. This law is blatantly unconstitutional, and to blindly give this rubberstamp in a desperate attempt to give the President a legal fig leaf in the face of obvious war crimes will be seen by history as a sad day for once principled Republicans. Reagan must be rolling in his grave right now. Mr. Gorbachev... tear down this wall! So we can build a secret prison here and use the same methods your KGB has made notorious and we have fought against for decades...

Issue three: According to Republican House candidate Marilyn Musgrave , the most important issue facing America today is... GAY MARRIAGE! (I apologize to any conservatives who accidently read this blog and just saw the most evil two words in the lexicon today) My take: If you honestly believe that gay marriage is the most important issue facing the nation you are one of three things. Insane, a koolaid drinking wingnut, or a combination of the two. I'll bet her number two important issue is the war on Christmas... or something equally stupefying.

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