Monday, September 25, 2006

The Baldy Soundoff !

Welcome to Mondays off the cuff reaction from the bald headed freak (me) to the news of the day!

Issue one: The N.Y. Times report on the National Intelligence Estimate that concludes the Iraq war has contributed to an increase in the threat of terrorism rather than effectively combating terrorism. My take: Gee you think? Next thing you know we're going to discover that dams create lakes, birds fly, and George Bush is a disaster. Hardly earth shaking stuff there... unless you are a died in the wool wingnut koolaid drinker, in which case you will never hear about this NIE report because the people you gather news from do not think it is newsworthy. Oddly enough, they are sort of right about that, but for all the wrong reasons.

Issue two: Jerry Falwell says that a possible candidacy by Hillary Clinton for President would mobilize his base better than would the candidacy of Lucifer for the same office. He later said that the comment was tongue in cheek. My take: When Chavez said George Bush was the Devil, he didn't mean it LITERALLY either. I'll hold my breath waiting for the mighty righties to rise in indignation in defense of Senator Clinton... still not breathing... not gonna breathe... darn! I exhaled and learned that lesson in right wing hypocrisy the hard way I suppose.

Issue three: Three teamates of Senator George Allen when he was quarterback for UVA accuse him of being a racist and routinely using the "n" word. My take: Allen might have a bit of a race problem, but that didn't stop him from eating chicken and watermelon for lunch today. In fact just to prove how racially sensitive he is you can look forward to future campaign events where George will reach out to minorities by handing out literature at a welfare office and then hosts a bar-b-que around a large burning T... in celebration of Martin Luther King.

My take: When Chavez said George Bush was the Devil, he didn't mean it LITERALLY either.

Dude, I laughed really hard on that one. I thought you were gone for good there for a while. Nice to have you back.
Thank you for the kind words Twin. Taking some time off really was quite an experience in winding down from the daily political combat. But getting married seems like a good reason to kind of let things slide for a time and then making a come back. =o)
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