Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baldy's Tuesday Blogasm

Following are the short, spastic, somewhat emotional responses by me, the bald headed freak, to several of today's top political news stories.

Issue one: George Bush told CNN's Wolf Blitzer "I like to tell people when the final history is written on Iraq, it will look like just a comma". My take? When did we go from Iraq being the centerpiece for regional democratic change to being a historical comma? Bush PRAYS history looks on this like a comma, because if there is a long drawn out historical perspective it is going to be very tedious from his perspective. Indeed that history will be written in the blood of the victims by the thousands of this Presidents hubris and blindness to reality. The President never was much for reading, but that history is his legacy, and it is far more than a comma.

Issue Two: The President released about 1/10th of the NIE report that has proven so controversial recently. Despite the President claiming the report does not make the case that the war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism, the parts that were declassified stated just that. My take? Remember the good old days when the President would declassify stuff to make political points? Now he's reduced to declassifying stuff that hurts him politically... while angrily asserting that it does not. Somebody throw the emperor a towel!

Issue Three: Congress now appears unlikely to pass legislation authorizing the Presidents illegal wiretapping program: My take? The President has already claimed inherent power under the constitution to conduct the program so why is it suddenly so important to change the law to actually make it legal? Because he knows he isn't going to get that from a Democratic Congress, and despite all the bluster the legality of the program is far from certain. In fact without this legal figleaf, the possibility of impeachment is staring George right in the face. The same goes for the torture compromise, so now we just have to work to keep that from being passed.

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