Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Friks take on...

Following are my off the cuff takes on the major political news of the day!

Issue 1: Tony Snow and Alberto Gonzalez are going to speechify along with the likes of Ann Coulter and Jerry Falwell at an upcoming conservative confab. My take? This proves that Coulter and Falwell are hopeless rightwing idealogues... I mean who else would speak at a conference which features Snow and Gonzalez?

Issue 2: The death toll in Iraq soared over the summer, and the military is warning of worse to come during Ramadan. Meanwhile Darth Cheney says given the same choice, the administration would not change a thing. My take? When is this psychopathic freak of a vice president going to be carted off in his straightjacket and left in the rubber room? Do the same thing!? That statement is as near to the definition of insanity as any I can think of.

Issue 3: At the U.N., Hugo Chavez told the U.N. that Bush was the Devil. My take? Next time Chavez should say what he really means. Besides, Beelzebub was a bit peeved at the comparison. You might not like his policies, but at least he's competent! The Devil that is.

Issue 4: Top leaders on Capitol Hill are all abuzz about reaching a compromise on the Presidents detainee... erm... what do you call it... oh yeah the word is torture. They want to compromise on allowing the President to authorize torture. Friks take? I hope and pray we don't arrive at a compromise after strapping Graham, McCain and Warner to a board and dunking them until they finally rubberstamp the Presidents version... If that doesn't work the admin could always just pile these 3 Senators and a few recalcitrant Dems into a naked pyramid. Not only would they get their legislation but it would be the final proof that these tactics really work!

This concludes todays friks take on.

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