Friday, September 22, 2006

the growing anger

I normally don't post until late in the afternoon pacific time, but there is an event happening in the lefty blogosphere that I must comment on.

The "compromise" between the Senate "maverick" Republicans and the Whitehouse has effectively thrown a switch for concerned liberals across the nation. Before this we were upset with the direction of the nation, concerned about the excesses of this administration and mad about a rubberstamp Republican congress. This "compromise" allows the President to define lesser breaches (more Orwellian language, a breach is a breach by gum) of the Geneva Convention, legalizes past breaches of the law, and allows the use of evidence gained by torture prior to 2005.

The liberal (my) side of the American divide is erupting in protest. Unfortunately our interests are given voice by precious few in Washington D.C. these days. But this particular issue is so very important to the basic fiber of this nation that we can't just let it pass with a bit of grumbling. We must not let this pass. If not now, when? If not this, what?

Codifying into law the right of our rulers to torture prisoners ought to horrify decent Americans across the board. How it is that a significant portion of the population can be frightened into supporting institutionalized torture ought to be a frightening lesson in the use of propaganda and hysterical fear mongering by our political leaders.

Does America torture? Is that truly what we are to become? If so then we are no different than the next lawless bully who rules a nation. If we are to actually go down that road I say without equivocation... our enemies have won. They have changed us to such a great extent that we are no longer recognizable compared to what we used to be. Because of our enemy, our leaders are determined to change the very fabric of what we are. What we stand for. Over 200 years of history. Soon to be gone and with the blessing of those who were supposed to stand and protect these ideals.

So yes there is an eruption of protest by the left. The last hope for this nation is that Democrats will fillibuster this abomination. I frankly am sick and tired of the people in Washington who ought to represent me running like scared rabbits. Stand and fight. Do the right thing! STAND for what America has always been. The traditional values side could not be clearer here. Fight this or suffer the approbation of history, who will judge all of us as being the generation that allowed the American democratic experiment to derail into a trainwreck of political folly and idiocy.

America legalizes torture? Not while I sit around grousing about it... They'll do it over my screams of indignation and protestations.

i feel the same way... something snapped in my head today... we simply can't let this go on unchecked... there's a little over a month until the november elections and we know that all hell is going to break loose between now and then, all of which will be directed at maintaining and consolidating one-party power in an increasingly totalitarian state... i don't know what we can collectively do, but i do know this - we had better get busy...
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