Monday, September 11, 2006

On unity

The Whitehouse has released selected excerpts from the Presidents prime time speech tonight. The over riding theme they wish to show is what they term as a call to national unity to fight the war on terror.

How dare this President call upon this nation to unify behind him. We were unified as was never the case in history in the aftermath of 9/11. Both domestically and internationally the world rose in indignation at the atrocity conducted by Al Qaida. It is this President's boneheaded policies that have led to the division we see today. Yet he now wants us to unite behind him? How stupid does he think we are anyway?! Let us stand united behind the worst President ever and feel good about ourselves in our national resolve to ignore the disasters unfolding around us.

When Presidential candidate George Bush promised to be a uniter not a divider who could ever have imagined the world of today? The President had what he promised to deliver during that campaign, but that delivery was not by his hands. Osama Bin Laden united the nation and the world as nothing in our history has ever done. And George Bush has squandered that. By insisting that he is right even when it is evident to all that he is wrong. By his administration lackeys insisting that those who tell the truth are liars and calling into question their patriotism. By using the bloody platform of 9/11 to scare America into a needless quagmire in Iraq. By so many more divisive and wrongheaded policies... George Bush and his administration have caused deep divisions which will take generations of effort if they are ever to be repaired.

We now see what truly must be the great irony of this Presidency. It is Osama that was the uniter, and George Bush the great divider.

Mr. President... coming before us now in the heat of a midterm election, and exorting your subjects to all get on board isn't going to work I'm afraid. Frankly this pitch would be more believable if you had chosen to make it when you weren't trying to hold onto power by the skin of your teeth. If you want unity, try to govern as a uniter, not a divider. It is your actions which have divided us, not your words...

Unfortunately you have shown time and again the stubborn tenacity of wrong headed purpose which has led this nation to a sorry pass. How can we now unite behind your policies when time and again you have been proven so disastrously wrong! To follow you at this point would be equivalent to the 20/20 sighted being led by the blind. You cling to your dogma and failed policies in what can only be called willful idiocy.

In fact there recently has been a unity of purpose growing in the land Mr. Bush and Bush koolaid drinkers. And that unity of purpose is to turn your rubberstamp Congress out and bring just a little sanity to the leadership of America.

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