Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thus sayeth Baldy

Following are my (the bald headed freak) off the cuff takes on the major news of the day:

Issue 1: The Whitehouse and "maverick" Republicans have reached a deal on the treatment of detainees. My take? Only in America could an agreement between Republicans from the administration and Republicans from Congress be hailed as a compromise accord. Well only in America, the one time Soviet Union, 1930's Germany, pre war Iraq... you get the picture.

Issue 2: David Broder broadsided liberal blogs saying we are "foul mouthed". My take? Did Broder devote time to slapping down Vice President Cheney when he told Senator Leahy to "go f#$% yourself" on the Senate floor? If not... shut the f#$% up Broder! The vulgarity by this administration (I mean honest to goodness filthy language, bird flipping and so on) is simply legendary, but Broder picks on bloggers. Who has more influence Broder?! What a pud.

Issue 3: The U.N. has issued a report that actually questions if torture in Iraq is worse now than under Saddam's thumb: My take? I'm not sure that during the horrible final moments of their existence that these victims of torture really care that they are dying in a democracy or in a despotism. Let freedom reign, the flowering of democracy, all those platitudes we hear from administration spokes figures... do not sound as nice when heard against a backdrop of the agonized shrieks of the victims.

That does it for today's Friks take on... Thank you for reading.

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