Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Where in I try to talk like a pirate

Arrrrr there mateys, today be talk like a pirate day!

Awww shucks who the heck am I kidding... I can no more talk like a pirate than I can be milked like a cow. But that's not stopping me from tossing some linkage to my favorite blog by a lesbian pirate!

I'm just stuck for stuff to post on today. The President went before the U.N. all talking about peace this and peace that. Mr. President, I didn't know Ghandi, Ghandi was not a friend of mine, but Mr. President you are no Ghandi!

Senator Allen melted down after being asked to comment on his mothers Jewish ancestry. I'm not sure what the big deal is here, but then again I'm not some redneck voter from Virginia so maybe I'm not the guy to ask...

Dick Cheney told us that the war on terror was a "war of nerves". Maybe I'm being silly here, but the notion of playing chicken with someone who actually wants to die doesn't seem very smart to me. Can we make this a war of intelligence and technology instead. After all Patton told us that the object of war was not to die for our country but to make the other bosstyd die for his. A war of nerves against suicide bombers... thats kind of silly.

You know... I kind of like this snarky blow by blow of big daily news. I'm gonna have to start doing this more often!

Bhfrik, I'd be watchin' fer cows sneakin' near ye with milkin' pails 'cause ye made a fine effort in yer piratical speak!

I return th'compliment by declarin' ye be me favorite bald-headed freak!
Ye should be very honored, there, bhfrik!

And yeah, I like the snarky roundups, too. Come up with a clever name for them and your home-james.
Ah yes... I was highly honored!

Thank you both for posting. :) I think I'm gonna stick with Friks take on and run with that for a while.
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