Friday, October 06, 2006

Baldies broadside, today focused on a letter from Iraq

This letter home from a Marine in Iraq is honestly a must read. I'll copy, paste & comment on some of my favorite quotes from the letter, but please go read it yourself.

Quote #1:
Most Profound Man in Iraq — an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who, after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines if he had seen any foreign fighters in the area replied "Yes, you."
That adds perspective I had never considered. We hear about the problem of foreign fighters from the administrations perspective all the time. Turns out they are spot on about that, but not in the way they intend.

Quote #2:
Biggest Outrage — Practically anything said by talking heads on TV about the war in Iraq, not that I get to watch much TV. Their thoughts are consistently both grossly simplistic and politically slanted. Biggest Offender: Bill O'Reilly.
Brother Olbermann is gonna have an absolute field day with this. I can't wait!

Quote #3:
Most Surreal Moment — Watching Marines arrive at my detention facility and unload a truck load of flex-cuffed midgets. 26 to be exact. We had put the word out earlier in the day to the Marines in Fallujah that we were looking for Bad Guy X, who was described as a midget. Little did I know that Fallujah was home to a small community of midgets, who banded together for support since they were considered as social outcasts. The Marines were anxious to get back to the midget colony to bring in the rest of the midget suspects, but I called off the search, figuring Bad Guy X was long gone on his short legs after seeing his companions rounded up by the giant infidels.
HAH! Rounded up by the giant infidels... now that's funny stuff. I'll pass on the countless Abu Ghraib/midget jokes that spring to mind because the humor provided by the Marine stands alone.

Good luck to this Marine and those serving with him. May he, and they, return home safe and sound.

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