Monday, October 02, 2006

Baldies broadside

Following is my take on several headlines in the news today.

Issue 1: Bill Frist says the Taliban ought to be a part of Afghanistan's national government. My take: If an Afghani villager went to the media with this proposal, Bush would see to it that they spent hard time in Guantanamo. This is the final proof that Iraq was a huge distraction from the true W/O/T in Afghanistan. Any Democrat who said the same thing would find themselves instantly demonized, so I can't wait for the next Frist campaign when his opponent morphs Osama's face into Frist's on t.v.

Issue 2: Republican speaker of the House Dennis Hastert knew for quite some time that Republican Representative Mark Foley had a boy page problem, but did nothing to protect these kids. My take? Republican pedophile enabler, Republican pedophile enabler, Republican pedophile enabler... repeat as needed until election day. Aww heck... in districts that are gerrymandered to be completely Republican, toss in the word gay with the above description. Even better use the term homoh-sayxee-wall when describing this if you are a candidate from the deepest reddest southern states. Having the FBI kick off another investigation into various Republicans is pretty old fare, so lets just focus on the Republican gay pedophile stuff and see how far that takes us.

Issue 3: Conventional wisdom is that the midterm elections are liable to result in Democratic gains, but control of the house or senate by Democrats remains questionable. My take? Has there ever in the history of any democracy been an election where an entire slate of candidates has been demonstrated to be incompetent, bumbleheaded, ignorant, prideful, willful, dangerous, greedy, lying, (the list goes on and on but I need to stop somewhere kiddies) yet there still was a chance that party would come out of the election still holding power? If Republicans hold onto all power after this election that will be effective proof that our democracy is hopelessly broken. Never has one side been so conclusively proven time and again to be so completely wrong, with no consequence at the polls. Will it happen this time? We shall see what we shall see.

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