Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Baldies Wednesday Broadside

Following are the bald headed freaks take on several issues grabbing headlines today.

1: First Fox news, and then the Associated Press reported that disgraced Republican ex house member Mark Foley was actually a Democrat. My take? Just lying about it doesn't mean it's true, except to a few million viewers who love to drink the koolaid. There's no reaching them with anything resembling the truth anyway. Besides Foley wouldn't be allowed to join us if he wanted to. Next thing you know Fox & A.P. will be trying to convince the nation that another widely despised, disgraced, and discredited Republican politico is also a Democrat. Well we don't want George Bush either!

2: Congress has earmarked $20 million for an end of war celebration to commemorate victory in Iraq and Afghanistan. My take? Could this bunch of koolaid drinking wingnuts possibly be any further out of touch. Mission accomplished, last throes, and now time to party. This is the equivalent of the control room at a nuclear plant being the scene of a rowdy party as the core melts down. We shall celebrate despite the blaring alarms and death outside our little cocoon.

3: Hillary Clintons opponent has released a fundraising letter that in pre-Foley times would have been huge news for it's over the top nature. In this letter he says that Hillary's "ruthless campaign to seize power is a serious threat to a secure future for America." My take? This Spencer character is certifiable. The entire nation knows this guy is going to lose horribly. It seems to me that he would be well served to do so with a bit of dignity. Throwing this kind of stuff at the wall hardly speaks well for him, but then again he is a Republican. What did we expect? Keeping this in mind, when Spencer decides to finally go negative it really won't be pretty!

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