Thursday, October 05, 2006

Baldy's Thursday Broadside

Following are my quick hit takes on some of the major headlines of the day.

1: President Bush has issued another signing statement today that is getting a lot of attention. The signing statements by the President always start with his intention to interpret the law "in a manner consistent with the President's constitutional authority" My take? The Presidents constitutional authority is to veto the bill if he thinks it is bad law. There is no constitutional authority for the President to write the law as he likes it and then sign his own law. But I ask the few who read this blog... do you honestly believe that a Republican rubberstamp Congress will stand up to this unconstitutional power grab? We must elect Dems to save our very constitution. It really is that simple.

2: The U.S. military has determined that the current violence in Baghdad is a critical turning point in the war. My take? What about the several dozen other critical turning points? I mean would we would be in this sorry state of affairs if Rumsfeld had had the intelligence to take advantage of several early war turning points. Rumsfeld decided to disband the Iraqi army. He has made several massively boneheaded decisions... and now he leads our forces into another critical turning point. We desperately need new leadership to actually make the best of these land mark events because Rumsfeld and crew have been disastrous to the cause. Frankly they wouldn't know a crucial turning point if it blew up as they passed it by the side of the road.

3: The above mentioned Baghdad turning point is going to be rounded without the assistance of an entire brigade of Iraqi police. Their brigade was disbanded after being tied with death squads and kidnappings. My take? Have we not come full circle? From the days when Saddams uniformed goons ran around grabbing his political enemies off the street to modern day uniformed goons running around grabbing people who aren't the correct sect off the streets. I thought we were there to end that sort of thing, but then I've always been a bit gullible...

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