Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a reminder... Iraq is still hell

I realize that as a liberal blogger that it is incumbent upon me to thump on Republican ex congressman Mark Foley being a perv. I could make a lengthy post detailing that this is not the fault of his sexual preference, or Democrats, or the page on the other side of the screen, or the enemies of democracy in the world. All these canards have been floated by Republicans on the Foley issue and they all can not stand the smell test. But I would like to draw the attention of anyone reading this post to a horrible and ongoing truth.

Iraq. The name of that nation turned hellhole alone brings death to mind. Now comes the news that 15 service members have been killed since Saturday. 8 died yesterday.

Unless you dug around for the news, you probably hadn't heard this. The news lately has been a continual drumbeat of Foley, Woodward, Foley, Rice, Foley and Rumsfeld. And Foley. To be sure all this news has contributed mightily to the crumbling of Republican hopes going into the midterm election. But...

There are 15 families who as I post this entry into my obscure little blog really could care less about who Foley was diddling online. 15 families whose grief must be so overwhelming that the Woodward reporting on the events that led to their sons, and daughters untimely demise really has no meaning right now.

These 15 families are added to the thousands of American families who have already been shattered. And they are the first of thousands more dead to come should this President and his advisors be allowed to continue this absolute folly. Not to mention the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths by Iraqis. This dreadful tally will be the historical legacy of our President. And of the generation that allowed this to take place. George Bush is not Satan. He is just enthralled by the Angel of Death due to his own ignorance and bull-headed nature.

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