Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Me to Nora: Durn tootin we'll investigate!

Norah O'Donnell poses the following question to a Democrat on MSNBC:
Can you promise then that when Democrats-if they retake the House of Representatives and Senate will not issue tens or hundreds of subpoenas to the White House when it comes to Katrina, Iraq and a number of other issues and essentially make the President's final two years in office a living hell if you will and mean that nothing gets done in Washington?
Of course Nora is trying to forward a Republican talking point that they think will turn off middle of the road voters. They think the nation will be hesitant to pull the lever for a Democrat who will investigate this administration. I just wonder why this is supposedly a pro Republican issue in the first place. To Nora and any other talking head who wants a pre election promise to leave the dirty laundry alone after the election I say loud and clear: Forget it.

We are coming and we are going to do what we can to get to the bottom of this whole sordid mess the wingnuts have fostered in D.C. Because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Republicans once cared about things like right and wrong. There were over 160 hours of hearings in the Republican controlled Congress about whether or not the Clinton White House used the Christmas invitation list to fund raise!

One of the reasons the Congress ruled by this crowd is so intensely unpopular is because they have forgotten what their role in our Republic is. They are not supposed to be the hand maidens of the administration. They are separate branch charged by the Constitution to be a check on the executive.

So now the President is mired with popularity in the mid to upper 30 percentile, large majorities think his Iraq policy is wrong, America is on the wrong track, and that he is not doing a good job... but Nora wants Dems to take it easy on him if we vote them into power? It seems to me that promising to emulate Republicans in this regard would be a losing position. In fact if strong majorities of the country think the President needs to be checked the winning position would be to promise to provide that check.

Even Republicans know this. It's why you see the President having to go across the country in the dead of night to closed events in order to raise money from the base. Why do you think the political commercials featuring Bush are being run by Democrats hanging the Presidential albatross around the necks of Republicans. Is it coincidence that Republican candidates for national office around the nation are featuring their differences with the administration? They know, as the entire nation knows that the relationship between this Congress and President has led to disaster.

Yet now Nora wants Democrats to promise to play nice when they come to power? I think not only should we not make the pledge she asks us to, but we should promise to do precisely the opposite. It's a winner in todays political environment.

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