Monday, October 23, 2006

Obama Should Run in 08... For Veep

There is all sorts of speculation on the possibility of Barack Obama running for President in 2008. I saw his appearance on Meet the Press and it looks very much like he's got the bug.

I really like Mr. Obama. I think he can win a nationwide election and he would make a fantastic President. The only drawback I've seen to this assessment is his lack of experience in political leadership. I think the perfect solution to get him this experience, and to give him a step on the ladder to becoming President would be for him to not run in the 08 primary, and accept a spot on the national ticket as the Vice Presidential candidate.

A dream ticket for me would be Al Gore/Barack Obama. I think if Gore announced his candidacy and his intention to select Obama if nominated by the Democrats, he would be a shoe in for that nomination, and probably win a landslide general election.

Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama would also make an interesting ticket. I wouldn't expect as certain a victory as Gore/Obama in the general. The main problem Hillary has is a perception that she is not electable. I think Obama would go along way to making her candidacy more palatable... even if the extreme right would run a scorched earth campaign to keep her from the White House. Of course given the history of Rove/Atwater, what do you expect in any case.

Whatever the top of the ticket, I think Obama on the ballot makes for a very attractive team. It would give him much needed experience which is the main concern against his being at the top of the 08 ticket.

For that matter I think a veep tour by Hillary would significantly increase her prospects for success with a future run for the Presidency.

Obama Should Run in 08... For Veep

But've got to deal with that whole "vice presidential curse" thing, and that'll pretty much quash any chance Obama becoming Prez...blah, blah, blah.
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