Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"You could not have tortured me enough to vote for Mr. Kerry or Mr. Gore"

The quote I've used for this title is from Maj. General John Eaton. Mr. Eaton says this while urging Americans to vote for Democratic leadership in Congress in the upcoming election. Lest anyone worry that I've misquoted the good general or have mischaracterized his meaning in the article let me copy and paste the pertinent parts.
Eaton, who was in charge of training the Iraqi military from 2003 to 2004, agrees that Democratic control of Congress could be the best way to wrest control from the Bush administration and steer the United States away from a gravely flawed strategy in Iraq. "The way out that I see is to hand the House and the Senate to the Democrats and get this thing turned around," Eaton explained, adding that such sentiment is growing among retired and active-duty military leaders. "Most of us see two more years of the same if the Republicans stay in power," he said. He also noted, "You could not have tortured me enough to vote for Mr. Kerry or Mr. Gore, but I'm not at all thrilled with who I did vote for."
There is another formerly high ranking military member heavily quoted in the article as well. Maj. Gen. John Batiste was also a lifelong Republican until this election and also feels that a change in Congressional leadership is necessary to check this administrations disastrous policy in Iraq.

If Democrats see significant gains in active duty military and family members voting for them this election we may well see races which have no recognition at this point as being competitive suddenly having the Democrat make a race of it. If those who could not be tortured to cast their vote for the Democrats of the past have now had enough of the Republicans they voted for, this election is going to see a true blue tidal wave.

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