Monday, November 13, 2006

Another Friky endorsement

There is a runoff election for LA. House district 2 between Karen Carter and William Jefferson. Jefferson is the current Democratic incumbent, and he simply MUST lose.

If the name William Jefferson does not ring a bell with you, you are probably wondering just why the Frikster is so determined to send him packing. My friends, this Jefferson character is a sleazy, corrupt, mealy mouthed, fork tongued, rascally CROOK! This is the guy whom the FBI busted with $90,000 in his freezer. (insert obligatory cold hard cash joke here) This is the same guy who commandeered a company of LA. National Guard who were conducting rescue operations in New Orleans after Katrina to move his household belongings to safer environs.

Karen Carter simply MUST win this race. Let there be no mistake on this. Jefferson embodies all the corrupt lousy crookedness that America just voted so resoundingly to remove from office. Carter is the candidate being backed by the national Democratic party for very good reason. Carter MUST win this. The prospect of having Jefferson representing this district as a Democrat while he's hauled into court and winds up in prison really is not bearable as far as I'm concerned. Go Carter!!

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