Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Baghdad under siege.

Good lord this is bad. The story is in the British daily The Independent. You can not find the true state of affairs in Iraq in any U.S. media. Here is what the Independent is reporting:
Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking the city to the rest of Iraq. The country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the capital.

Well-armed Sunni tribes now largely surround Baghdad and are fighting Shia militias to complete the encirclement.
There is no way to put lipstick on this pig. Our forces are under siege in Baghdad. Once this becomes widespread knowledge it will be politically impossible to continue a pointless occupation in the midst of full blown civil war.

This summer the U.S. pooled resources from other areas to try to pacify Baghdad in operation Together Forward. If the administration is determined to continue the occupation of Iraq one must wonder at the efficacy of abandoning whole swathes of territory to the insurgents in order to try to clamp down in the capital, which has proven less than effective. If this struggle truly is the scene of the great showdown between the terrorists and the good guys, the administration should have conducted the occupation with due diligence. Another 400,000 troops may have helped the security situation last year, but it is highly doubtful the administration can make such a play now. They in effect are handing the enemy victory on a silver platter.

Who am I to pop off on my obscure little blog about military strategy on the ground in Iraq. Just someone sitting at a computer who tries to stay on top of the news and can see the writing on the wall regarding Iraq. The overwhelming majority of the American people are clued in to the negative consequences of this debacle. And these majorities are hardly anti American or pro terrorist either. I would be amazed if the party that led us into this situation were able to retain control of Congress. And the notion that we will be sticking this occupation out no matter the cost or circumstance is quite simply absurd. In fact I suspect that the very vitriol being spewed by the Republicans about this will lead to more people being determined to give them pause, than in changing their minds about the obvious state of affairs.

When this all comes tumbling down, this administration will be villified as none other for leading us into this war. What a horrible waste of blood and treasure in the pursuit of lies. It doesn't get much worse than this.

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