Wednesday, November 08, 2006

GAH! Blogger issues...

So I get to work all raring to go for a day of post election pontification, and whenever I try to open the blogger "dashboard" an error page loads. When I tried to comment I got the same error as well. I figured it was a generic blogger problem but then I noticed other blogger based blogs were humming along just fine.

Needless to say I got a bit anxious. I mean Rumsfeld resigns, the President is taking Nancy on a date... and I'm locked out of my blog. I went searching for possible answers and found a guy who has instructions on how to change your sites blogger server. You basically erase cookies, history, your cache, bow to the east, unplug your cpu, restart and then reboot from your desktop, reload your browser and say a very odd Gregorian chant.

Being at work I can't do the chant thing so I figured I'd go the lazy way and just reload the browser without worrying about all the other stuff. Having reloaded my browser I clicked for the dashboard and VOILA! Here I am as fiesty as ever...

So if you are having troubles with Blogger going forward, just try reloading the browser. Or you can reboot, do a headstand, sprinkle holy water around your monitor and erase your cookies... cause I'm sure that will work as well.

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