Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Greens ought to be sweating the V.a. results.

The entire world is focused like a laser beam on the results coming in from Virginia. The last update I saw showed a considerable tightening of the race with the total votes cast for Green candidate G.G. Parker being more than enough to put Webb easily ahead of Allen.

If the Greens cost us the Senate by defeating Webb I will make it my lifes mission to (figuratively) destroy their party in any way that I can going forward. The wrath of this particular liberal would know NO bounds.

Greens... you had best pray G.G. doesn't ruin this. It would lead to the absolute villification of your cause by those who you ought to find common cause with. I'm enraged just considering the prospect. Maybe my sour attitude is for naught and Webb will pull this out despite the Greenies....

[Updated] Oops... thanks to a commenter for showing me the error of my ways. The "Independent Green party of Va. is not affilliated with the national or state Green party... They have their own page on wikipedia if you want to see what they are all about. In the meantime, I apologize to any 'traditional' Greens I may have offended and do hope you understand the confusion on my part.

If you knew about third parties you would know that other candidate is not a Green Party candidate but is an Independent Green who belongs to a group not affilated with either the state or national Green party. They are instead a group of mostly ex-military types who push mass transit, reduced government spending and clean government. They are basically true Libertarian oriented Greens.
Hey thanks for the clarification. Can you tell me if they are taking votes from the left or right?
The Greens do have sweat VA, thanks largely to lazy bloggers and the media.

Please do your homework before posting. Gail Parker, the independent Senate candidate in VA is not an official Green Party member. She is not endorsed by the Green Party of Virginia. She set up her own party (like Lieberman) called the "Independent-Greens."

If someone went out an set up a part called the "Independent Democrats" with no connection with the Virginia Democrats or the DNC you wouldn't assume Howard Dean would have to take responsibility for that person, so don't it here.

One reason she is not in the Green Party is that she is more conservative than the Greens, especially on abortion (she is pro-life) so you can't say for certain that she only took votes from Webb. I mean her website labels her a common-sense conservative, so she probably hurt Allen as much or even more than Webb,
I would just point out to gang of one that I did correct the post I made here within 2 hours of posting it thanks to the first commenter. Maybe you would read the entire post for such corrections before you go taking cheap shots in the future.

As to mistaking Independent Greens for Independent Democrats: My mistake when I saw the returns was thinking the state of VA was listing third parties as unaffiliated independents. It would have been difficult to make that mistake if there actually had been a traditional Green on the ballot. Or if there had been a Democratic, and Independent Democratic candidate. It seems that the Independent Greens actually foster that confusion if you look at their page on wiki. They have previously been taken to court for claiming other third party candidates were I/G's when the candidate had not even heard of them.
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