Monday, November 06, 2006

Mehlman: Loves Republican tool

I know the headline I'm using here is rife with all sorts of innuendo. Just let me say, as if you were actually wondering, PUN INTENDED!

Mehlman has written a column for USA Today titled "For Republicans" which gives his litany of reasons to vote for Republicans this election. The part he wrote that stuck in my craw was this:
Today, the Republican Party has learned the lessons of Sept. 11, and understands the importance of using every single tool at our disposal to win this war - but some Democrat leaders would take those tools away. Democrats in the House and Senate voted against re-authorization of the USA Patriot Act. The overwhelming majority of House Democrats voted against legislation to make it easier to intercept terrorist communications. Democrats voted against tribunals that will help us get the information we need, and have time and again voted against missile defense.
Far be it from us to take away the tools Mehlman finds so necessary, but let us consider the real implications of the case. When Mehlman talks of tools, oddly enough in this case he's talking about revoking constitutionally based freedoms and safeguards.

The so called terrorist surveillance program is illegal. To Mehlman and those who think like him, it is fine for the President to break the law, if he does so under the auspices of fighting terror. That overthrows the basis of our government in a fundamental way. It is not for the President to determine what laws he ought to follow in pursuit of his goal. When the President talks of his most solemn or important duty being to protect the American people, he perpetuates a dangerous myth. The Presidents sword... oops, Mehmanistic freudian slip there, make that 'sworn' duty, is to uphold and protect the constitution. Republicans have played the fear card so well during the last couple of elections that the principles of constitutional conservatism which used to be gospel in the GOP have been sacrificed for political expediency.

How is it that the same party that declares that the terrorists hate us for our freedom, and want to destroy us, are the ones who so want to dispel those freedoms and change the basic character of this nation.

Considering the actions taken by this administration and their rubberstamp Congress it is the Republican party playing into the hands of the terrorists, not the Democrats. Another "tool" Mehlman talks about is for the President to be allowed to decree that a suspected terrorist, NOT a proven terrorist mind you but anyone the President determines on his own good word is an enemy combatant, can be tortured. This strengthens us? On what planet are these people coming from? This has been a great boon for terrorist recruitment across the globe as the pictures from Abu Ghraib were released, and then the innocent victims we rendered were heard after they were released. Look at what we have become and tell me that the President ought to have the torture tool! The nations very honor has been soiled by this. A stain that will never be completely removed. America actually has joined the ranks of those rogue nations who condoned the torture of prisoners. But somehow it is the terrorists who represent the threat to our very way of life, and only by voting for your local Republican can you do your small part to protect us.

We have started down a long dark slippery slope and these Republicans are determined to grease the skids so we slide faster. Vote for change. Republicans call upon your fear. They want the last thing you think about before pulling the lever to be your family under terrorist attack. To any reader who has voted for Bush I say stop letting the Republicans terrorize you into voting for them and vote for what you must sense is right. I appeal to the better angel of your nature... please look at the state of the nation. Do not be afraid. Enter that voting booth with a sense of hope and vote Democrat for a change.

Oh and p.s. Isn't it well past time for Mehlman to come out of the closet? It's the worst kept secret in politics.

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