Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My voting experience

I know the internets tubage is stuffed chock full of wild eyed stories of voter suppression and horrible experiences at polling places. So let me tell you about how I voted.

I'm a resident of Oregon. I sat down in my recliner after dinner on Thursday evening and filled out the ballot at my leisure. No standing in line, no wondering if my vote registered correctly, no hassle with voting machines... just a nice relaxed evening at home. After filling out the ballot I stuffed it in the envelope provided, signed that envelope, and dropped it in the mail Friday morning. Easy as pie!

Oregon has had this system for over a decade now. I believe we have proven the worth of vote by mail by consistently placing in the top five states for voter turnout. The integrity of the system has never been an issue. Clearly the Oregon model ought to be picked up across the nation.

In the meantime, if you have not yet voted please take a few minutes and head on down to the polls. And yes... even if you intend to vote a straight R. ticket, I hope you have no troubles as you vote. But if you stand in line for an hour in the rain, the poll worker you deal with makes you run back home to get acceptable I.D., the machine you vote on gives you your checking account information, and your confirmation screen shows a straight R. ticket when you voted a straight D line, just remember this. Bhfrik voted from his easy chair.

I'd say that's a model we should emulate in Pa. also, though to be honest, I have to admit that I didn't have a problem where I live even though we used the Danaher touchscreen machines for the first time (hopefully everything counted correctly - don't know if they can be hacked as easily as Diebold, and I almost don't want to find out...I know a lot of them failed in Philadelphia's primary election in May).
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