Friday, November 24, 2006

Novak: For uncermemonious job removal before against it.

Bob Novak has written a column in which he expresses dismay at the way the President chucked Secretary Rumsfeld under the bus immediately following the mid term elections.

I don't recall the same level of dismay from him when it became clear that Novak had been used to expose a covert CIA agent because her husband was telling the truth about the events leading to the Iraq invasion. In fact I do not recall Novak ever expressing dismay that exposing Plame also exposed the CIA front company, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, and it is perfectly clear alot of other people were thus exposed and endangered because of this.

How could Novak not understand the way this administration works based upon the previous travesty involving tossing a key player overboard, (Plame headed the CIA's WMD working group) in which Novak played so pivotal a role?

I can not help but roll my eyes when Novak expresses this sense of dismay over Rumsfelds ouster. The partisan hypocrisy which motivates Novak could not be clearer. Rumsfeld's ouster does not result in ruining national assets or exposing key players in our intelligence gathering operations. Yet because Rumsfeld is a favorite of the neoconservatives which Novak has hitched his wagon to, Novak is troubled.

To Novak I say: You sir, most of all, ought to have seen this coming. Spare me your partisan tears until you pound out a column about how troubled you were about the way Valerie Plame was treated... which we all know just ain't gonna happen!

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